Dental Care Plus Patients

To our Dental Care Plus patients,

            I am writing this letter to inform/remind you that our practice will no longer be “in network” with Dental Care Plus (DCP) insurance as of 1/30/23.  While we have worked to discuss this upcoming decision with many of you in person for the past 6 months, I felt the need to makes sure the message was seen as much as possible.

The decision to drop DCP is one that we have considered for well over a year, and while it is not an easy decision, it was the necessary one for our practice.   Without going into too much detail allow me to explain:  

Dental Care Plus is no longer the same insurance we have dealt with for the past 30 years.   We have been part of the DCP insurance network since the mid 1990’s.  About 3 years ago, DCP was bought out by a large company called DentaMax, soon after, DentaMax was bought by Sun Life.  Over these past 3 years, we have seen their coverage and what they to pay on your treatment, plummet far below acceptable values.  Simply put:  They were a good insurance company.  They are not one now

It is never easy to announce that we are dropping out of an insurance network; however, as a small business we have been driven to a point where we can no longer continue to be “in network” with Dental Care Plus/DentaMax, and treat you in the manner that we expect from ourselves, and you expect from us.  We hope you understand our reasoning, and we will do our best to inform you of what will become of DCP moving forward.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.



Dr.  Bartosz Labeda